Sunday, November 13th

Highlight: Skipping school work in favor of seeing a very disturbing movie that made me sort of wish I’d stayed home and done school work. But this is a highlight, because it was my own dumb decision, and if I choose to give myself nightmares instead of being productive then that just means I’m free.

Lowlight: Laying awake at 2am thinking about forced cosmetic surgery and how I can’t possibly ever finish all the work I have to do.

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Saturday, November 12th

Highlight: All I remember from my run this morning was seeing the words in the crazy blue sky, “I LOVE RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And that my friends, is a runner’s high.

Lowlight: My knees want me to remember that 29 is not in fact the new 19. Not even close. It’s the new 50, they say.

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Friday, November 11th

Highlight: Being dropped off, and picked up from work (on time!). And then not having a car to be responsible for during the day at work, wondering if it is going to be towed or ticketed. It’s the little things. And the little responsibilities are the ones I hate most.

Lowlight: Time to break out ear-protection for the season. Very sad. Very cold.

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Thursday, November 10th

Highlight: New roommate at work. It’s like college. With a lot more work, and a lot less coloring.

Lowlight: Flat tire while parked in a 2 hour parking spot. I’m one to abandon my car for a week until I get around to changing a flat, so this added urgency made this flat crummier than the last two this fall.

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Wednesday, November 9th

Highlight:  Return to the coffee pot. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that in the past couple of days I have gone back to making pots of coffee instead of the cups of coffee, (I can’t even really think about that with a straight face, because what the hell is a cup of coffee anyway? It’s pots of coffee from here on out, at least until the sun comes back) and in the past couple days I have also been thinking about this damn site. I guess when you sleep through life you forget about the important things. 

Lowlight: “Lowlight” has a whole new meaning this time of year. It’s terrible. I’m going to spend the winter petitioning to shorten the work week from 9-3 for the winter months.

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Tuesday, September 27th

Highlight: No doy. Still, now I have another reason to put off backing off coffee for a little while at least.

Lowlight: Running in the dark. I know, it happens every year…but that doesn’t make it easier. 7am is too late for rising if you are the sun, too early if you are a person. OK sun, how about I rise at 7, you get up at 5, everyone wins. Especially me.

And researchers are just realizing that caffeine makes women happy. That must have taken a lot of studying.

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Saturday, September 24th

Highlight: My 12 mile run felt like an easy run, because it’s 11 shy of last week’s run.  A total perk of marathon training. And that might be the only one.

Lowlight: I’m still feeling really depressed due to last week’s New Yorker find. When I can muster the energy to drag myself from my bed and to the scanner, I’ll share my frustration with my perpetual place as life’s middle child. It’s a syndrome I suffer in family, at work, and now in my leisure time.

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